Free Fire – It is the most popular shooting and survival game in recent times, which is available on mobile. Each game in the game lasts about 10 minutes and puts you on a large remote island where you face 50 other players, all pursuing the same goal of survival. Players freely choose their starting point with the parachute, trying to stay in the safety zone for as long as possible.

Drive multiple vehicles to explore the vast map, hide in the trenches or make yourself invisible when lying under the grass. Ambush your enemies, aim and shoot, gather as much equipment as possible, there is only one objective here in the game and that is: to survive. Survival in its original form: Look for weapons, stay inside the safe zone in the game, loot your enemies and become the last man standing. Along the way, go to airdrops, avoiding air attacks to gain this small advantage against other players.

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Free Fire is a Battle Royale-style game, inspired by PUBG, where you want to be the last survivor. With action-packed matches, lots of different weapons and varied modes, Free Fire tests any player’s skills well, so grab your parachute and go headlong. Check out some tips to cheat death and win or lead your team to victory in this Battle Royale!

The game’s title comes from the American military term “free fire” (which in direct translation into Portuguese means “free fire”), which designated an area where soldiers are allowed to shoot anyone. The expression makes sense in the context of the game, as players need to eliminate their opponents in order to survive. In Free Fire, the last player who remains alive in the arena wins.

In Battle Royale genre games, players often control generic, storyless characters. In Free Fire, however, the player chooses a base hero, who has a backstory and name. Each character has its own special characteristics and survival skills. When choosing Antonio, for example, the player starts the games with more HP; if you choose Kelly, you gain more movement speed when running. It is possible to switch characters at any time, which helps the player to explore the options and choose the best hero for their style of play.

To play Free Fire it is not necessary to have a very powerful cell phone or tablet: the game runs without crashing even on older devices. Be aware, however, of the program’s minimum specifications. Free Fire is available for Android from 4.0 or iOS 8.0. Cell phones also need to have at least 1GB of RAM and 600MB of free storage space. Despite being light, Free Fire has good graphics, with very detailed textures.
Tips for playing Free Fire:


Of course, landing in a spot with good loot is critical to getting the best gear early in the game. However, these locations are the most sought after by players. Therefore, it is important to calculate the weight of risk you will take once you hit the ground. There is the possibility of getting a good weapon, but it will not be useful if you are surrounded by opponents. That’s why it’s often important to choose a place where you know you’ll be able to go down practically on your own and where you’ll find equipment that will make the next fights easy to win. GloboEsporte listed the best jumping places in Bermuda and Kalahari, where you can see the main points of each one.


One of the main tips of Free Fire, avoiding open field is essential for you to be able to do well during the game. Of course, in the ultimate safe zones this becomes virtually impossible to control, but as long as you can stay in safe places, do it. Knowing this tip, you already get ahead of your opponents. Mainly because many still prefer to run around the map instead of finding a safe place to stay. In the competitive scenario, for example, the main battles of the match happen with teams trying to dominate places they consider safe.


This tip doesn’t necessarily mean you need to keep walking around the map. However, while you are inside a house aiming for something, for example, never stand still. Move your character from side to side. This is important because you can often be targeted by an enemy without knowing it. Thus, the more you move, the more difficult it becomes for an opponent to hit the “capa” (headshot) on the first attempt. This is true in any situation in the game, whether loot from a fallen enemy, drop or any similar situation.
Sensitivity in Free Fire (FF) allows players to adjust the speed of the character’s directional movements and gun sights. The feature can be changed in the game’s settings, with values ​​ranging from zero to 100. See, below, what is the best sensitivity to play as pro players in Garena’s Battle Royale. The game is available for free download on Android phones and iPhone (iOS) and on PC, through emulators such as BlueStacks, MSI App Player and LD Player.

Sensitivity types

Unlike PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has only four types of sensitivities: general, red dot, 2x aim, 4x and AWM. It is important to understand that sensitivity influences the speed of aiming with the accuracy of the shot. In this case, the higher the sensitivity value, the faster the mirage. Understand, below, each one of them.


Overall sensitivity determines the speed of a character’s directional movement on the Free Fire battlefield. In addition, this type of sensitivity also influences the speed of the white aim (default).

red dot

The sensitivity of the red dot (in Portuguese translation, red dot) adjusts the speed of the dot crosshairs. Generally, red dot is used when there is no targeting accessory equipped with the weapon.

2X sights

The 2X crosshair sensitivity sets the crosshair speed twice magnified. Currently, the 2X scope can be found in most regions of the Bermuda, Kalahari and Purgatory maps and can only be used on submachine guns and assault rifles.

4X sight

The 4X staff sensitivity adjusts the four-fold magnified staff. Due to its ability to detect enemies far away, the 4X scope is rarer on Battle Royale maps. Like the 2X, the 4X sight is compatible with assault rifles. It is noteworthy that some weapons, such as SVD and VSS, already have an integrated 4X sight.


AWP sensitivity controls the aiming speed of sniper rifles. Currently, Free Fire has three weapons of this size: KAR89K, AWM and M82B.
This sensibility to climb cover in Free Fire on Android devices is suitable for players who prioritize encounters with enemies at medium and short distance and fluent movement. The values ​​adopted for the four main sensitivities are high and require correct management of the staff movement speed. In case of very fast movements, the crosshairs can go beyond the opponent’s head. On Android, players also tend to modify the DPI to make it easier for enemies to climb the cover.